The Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) is located within the Office of the Secretary of Transportation and was created in 2002 to support and advise the Secretary in his/her role as chairperson of the Commonwealth Transportation Board.

The goals of OIPI are to promote transparency and accountability of the programming of limited transportation funds; to ensure that the Commonwealth has a multimodal transportation system that promotes economic development , intermodal connectivity, environmental quality, accessibility for people and freight, and transportation safety; to encourage the use of data driven best practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commonwealth's surface transportation network; and to promote the coordination between transportation investments and land use planning.

OIPI takes a leadership role across four key steps within the performance-based planning and programming process:

In this role, OIPI collaborates with VDOT and DRPT and engages stakeholders and the public to conduct planning studies and technical analysis, prioritizes investments, and tracks system performance.

OIPI is located at 1221 E. Broad Street – Old Highway Building, Richmond, Virginia.

OIPI Process